Here is a picture of Dan and I’s happy holidays faces.

Finally home after our short holiday down south to see Daniels family. It was such a nice few days away, to be honest it didn’t last long enough, I wanted more time away to relax and sort out my head a bit. Nevertheless, it was great. I love his family, we get along so well, they put me at ease. I haven’t felt so at home in years. I’m in 2 minds about Norwich, or even just England. In one respect it isn’t my home it isn’t where I am from or where I am used to, in another respect, would a fresh start be good for me? Just for Daniel and I to move away from here and start a whole new life together? We have been together long enough for me to be happy to commit to leaving everything I know to move away with him and start our own new lives. Personally, I would prefer to move somewhere warm by the sea, so I can scuba dive and do my marine biology without being wrapped up like a Inuit. But, if moving down south meant I could have a fresh start, maybe it’s a good idea. Who knows.

Anyway, back to the holiday. It was gorgeous weather, I love the people down there, the wedding was stunning and everything went well. It was just the travelling I had an issue with. I don’t do planes. They are scary. I was not built to fly. I don’t like it. It’s worse than trains. I was so uncomfortable the whole time. On the flight down there was as girl beside me that would not put down a rubix cube. All I could hear the whole time was ‘click, click, click, click’, I wanted to hit her.

 Anyway, that’s besides the point. I enjoyed the holiday and I think it did Daniel and I some  good to be away from home for a few days. But it has made me want to move.


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