New boutique nerves.


So I started a new job at Nespresso at one of their gorgeous Boutiques (shops). They are opening a new one in Glasgow – I can now say this online because it has been officially revealed and we open first thing tomorrow morning. I have been excited about this opening for months and now it’s finally here, I am petrified.

I know the job well, in previous jobs I have worked with public and tills and all sorts of situations, but, for this I am scared. This job requires so much knowledge and understanding about coffee – knowledge which I don’t feel like I have. The team I am working with are amazing but the second I jump out of my comfort zone my anxiety looses it. Today I got to see our wee boutique and it made me excited but really nervous for tomorrow. All I keep thinking about is the number of ways that I can fuck up.

It’s the thought of a customer coming up and asking me something, my manager watching over me, me not knowing what to say, then BAM. Hyperventilation, spinning head, heat feels like its been turned up a million degrees, blood pressure drops then I do.

I am sure I am being stupid and the next 2 days will go great, I will have a wonderful day that goes in ridiculously quickly and will enjoy my new work with my amazing work colleagues. I will post an update when I get a chance, but I finish late on Thursday night then I am jumping on a plane to go down to England to go to my partners Dads wedding. I definitely need a few days away to chill just with Daniel and his amazing family. The sooner I can become a part of it the better. A nice day at the wedding plus a few nights at his best friends house. Plus a few days in a hotel! Every couple, no matter what age, LOVES a hotel room. There won’t be updates on that portion of the trip though, I think that will be more private.

Hope everyone is having a good spring, who can believe it’s April already?! Summer next! I better get working on my beach body as it is NOWHERE near ready.


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