Death heated up.


SO after feeling really unwell the other day I found out what was going on. I spent the whole week falling over due to being so dizzy, I even attempted to go to work on Thursday but got sent home as I tried to get up from my chair and just hit the deck, must have looked super attractive. It’s probably a good thing I don’t care what people think anymore. I think it’s a skill you adopt in your twenties where the way people view you really doesn’t matter anymore, it’s not like it will change much – unless it’s a possible employer, then get out a straw and suck up.

Anyway, back to me being ill. On Friday I tried calling the doctors to try to get seen as I realised this wouldn’t just go away, but as per my luck, they were fully booked and a nurse just told me to go to A&E. The A&E department at the hospital near my house must know me so ridiculously well by now. I decided I would bite the bullet and go, but first I would shower, then tidy up the flat a bit, then relax and watch tv… This went on for hours until it was too late to get a bus out to hospital. I am the queen of procrastination. I was pretty happy that I avoided the hospital for another day, although my friends and family were pretty irritated that I didn’t go get checked incase there was a chance my seizures would be affected. The following day I got a text from my best friend saying she was on her way to take me to hospital. Great. Dude I wanted to sleep and pretend nothing was wrong. You were only meant to be bringing me cake. I was then dragged to hospital *figuratively * kicking and screaming.

The sheer amount of times I have been to A&E I could do the examinations myself. Every question they ask and test they do I know about, even what order they do them in and what they can find from them. I got taken into a room and told to put on a hospital gown so I could have my heart checked and they did some test to make sure I had ‘normal cognitive function’, for anyone who knows me, I have NEVER been normal. Anyway after all their tests and poking and prodding I was told I have a viral infection that is affecting my blood pressure – to someone who knows how hospitals work, I know this means they have no idea whats wrong, I am just unwell. With this information I was sent home to recover. And told not to go out for a few days.

So right now I am hibernating on my sofa in a blanket trying not to move because whenever I stand up, the blood pressure goes down and I hit the deck.

Also, Ariel makes everything better.


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