Meditation with a tag-a-long.


So today I did some meditation, I do this pretty often to try calm myself down and refocus. It definitely helps after an anxiety attack, but I am not so sure of its effect when I’m not panting like a dog and thinking my life is ending. But, oh well! I think it keeps me a tad more grounded, and probably a bit more pleasant to be around when I’m having a bad day! Most the time it works, but I take zero responsibility if you catch me on a day where I haven’t had my morning coffee or a bar of chocolate! Be warned!

Anyway, today something weird happened. I told Daniel, my boyfriend, that I was going to do my guided meditation and he decided he would join me. Now Daniel isn’t usually the most ‘open-minded’ of people so this took me by surprise. He has never offered to join in with one of my meditation sessions before, so I wasn’t quite sure what to do. Instead of my normal ‘Guided meditation for anxiety’, I chose a simple ‘Meditation for beginners’ video, it was only 15 minutes long, I had a feeling that if it were longer he would have got bored. So we lay side-by-side on our bed with the lights off listening to this video, I follow all the instructions and enjoy being able to switch off from the world. As it came to the end of the video I stretched out my legs, wriggled my fingers and toes and opened my eyes – as instructed. I turn to look at Dan and he is basically asleep, obviously the video relaxed him quite a fair amount. On recollection of the experience he explained to me that it wasn’t for him, he doesn’t get how listening to someone telling you to relax and find you inner peace actually works, his method of relaxing is going a long walk and tuning out from everything, which I understand.

From this experience of letting Daniel join in with me, I found it very interesting how he reacted. Also, this highlights that things as simple as meditation can be harder for some people than others, and maybe doesn’t relax them in the same way.  If you aren’t in the right place to lay down and do some meditating there are loads of relaxing playlists on Spotify or YouTube just with music designed to have the same effect. This is good for stressful situations – for me it’s a busy train up to Glasgow. I learned from my anxiety that people terrify me!

I definitely suggest attempting meditation if you have anxiety, it’s a great way to calm down and bring yourself back to centre. You may feel silly doing it at first but believe me, give it several tries and you may be shocked at the results.


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